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I am passionate about sharing heartfelt messages that can inspire others to live their best life regardless of the past. I love to speak, educate and share offering messages of hope. I am available for interviews, workshops, seminars, guest speaking, keynote speaking and private events.

My Favorite Topics

  • Grief and Loss – A deeper look at the process of grief and how it impacts our lives
  • Beyond the Casserole – Compassionate communication and how to support others following a loss
  • Grief in the Workplace – How to support employees in the workplace during a significant loss
  • When Children Grieve – How to help children following a death, divorce or other loss
  • The “F” Word – The importance of forgiving others and ourselves
  • Moving On – Leaving Your relationship baggage at the door
  • Living Your Best Life – Rediscover a life of peace and joy regardless of the past
  • Holiday Heartache – How to navigate your grief and pain during the holidays
  • Power of Positive Thinking – Navigating the challenges and staying positive in a negative world
  • Become Who You Are – Anyone can change, learn new habits and become who they are

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