Love Is Stronger Than Hate – Love Wins

Love Wins

Last Saturday our nation witnessed yet another display of hate and evil. There is no play on words here; this was a terroristic and racist attack on American soil.  Furthermore, the events that unfolded in Charlottesville did not blur the lines of humanity, but rather, crossed them in a brutal and heartless way. In the end there were no lines.

Hundreds of white people bearing torches and chanting about the value of white lives erased lines and in addition, boundaries disappeared. When someone moves so far to the right and stomps out any sense of decency or respect,  it is not far-right. It is wrong and it is extreme racism.

In light of the events in Charlottesville last weekend, racism once again displayed its ugly face.  Several people were injured and one precious soul lost her life. There is nothing that could possibly justify this vicious attack and once again, innocent people paid a price for standing up against hate.

It is hard to comprehend or understand how human beings can be so cruel and quite honestly, it makes me both angry and sad. So, Where does this deep-rooted hate come from? When does hate become stronger than love in a person’s heart and soul?

In truth, people do not come into this world hating others. There is no prejudice, racism or hate in a tiny child’s heart. Children do not see color or gender or race, not to mention, there is no divide. Children love and value the lives of others regardless of any differences that may or may not exist.

So, where do things fall apart and turn so horribly wrong? Children are taught to hate. People that they trust and love lead them towards this darkness and out of the light. Love is dimmed and over time evil teaches children that it is okay to bully and hate. This needs to stop. Our children need to feel safe and secure. The children of this world and in this country need to learn that it is okay to love and stand up for others. Children need to believe that love wins.

Sadly, our children are subjected to hate every day. Terrorism and racism exist around the world and in our own country, cities and homes. Fear has been sewn into the fabric of our children’s lives and it is our job to protect and show kids that we will no longer tolerate hate. If we do not stand up against racism how can we expect our children to stand against all that is wrong and stand up for what is right?

John Pavlovitz has written a powerful article titled “Yes, This Is Racism”. Check out John’s blog at

Heather Heyer died in the street. She died standing up for love. Heather marched on behalf of and beside people she didn’t know. She found the courage to speak up for the millions of people who are silenced because of the haters in this world.

She died standing up for humanity and because she believed that another life mattered as much as her own.

Silence can no longer exist.  More importantly, we need to raise our voices and fight against this hate that is spreading through our country like a disease eating away at what matters most. It is a sickness that represents the worst of who we are.

Humanity. Love. Peace. Compassion. Equality. Kindness. These are the things that matter and more importantly, these are the things worth fighting for.

Every human being is valuable. I still believe that most people are intrinsically good at heart. We must choose our beliefs and then stand up for them. Find your courage and stand up for justice and decency. Face your own fears and stand with others to fight for equality, compassion and peace. Stand up against hate and stand on the side of love.

Grief consumes our society every day and today I stand beside and grieve with thousands of people who are grieving these tragic assaults targeting our fellow human beings.

In the name of love and desiring peace in this world, I stand on the side that opposes racism and hate. I stand against those that are fueled by rage and those that are prejudiced because of sexuality, color, culture or race.

I stand on the side that stands opposite of those that carry torches and metal pipes, chant slurs and are willing to injure and kill in the name of hate.  We are fighting a war that is raging out of control and it is time for people to speak up. We cannot be silent anymore. To be silent is wrong. People need to stand in solidarity and as one against racism and extremism. Together we can fight and stand strong. Together we can win.

As Martin Luther King Jr so beautifully said, “darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

I choose love. How about you? And remember, in the end, love always wins.

In Peace and with Love,






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