In the Spirit of “JOY”

One of my favorite traditions on Christmas Day is to go to a movie in the afternoon. I love to relax and lose myself in the story and I especially love it when a movie has depth and a message to share with its audience. This year we went to “JOY” and while I was unsure of what to expect, the movie ended up being an inspirational movie and serving as a reminder to follow your dreams and to never give up regardless of how difficult things might be.

Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job playing the part of Joy and while there were several things in the movie that were not a true representation of the real Joy Mangano’s life, much of the movie captured Joy’s story and her eventual road to success. In all honesty, I did not realize that Joy was a real person nor did I know the backdrop of this magical story until after seeing this charming film. In the end and regardless of what parts were factual and what parts were fiction, I left feeling inspired and with a fire lit to keep fighting for my dreams.

Most people start their journey with a vision of what they would like their lives to be and most have goals and dreams but how often have any one of you found yourself, at some point, wondering what happened to your dreams? How many of you have woke up one day feeling lost and facing a very different life than what you had once imagined your life to be? I know I have. There have been many times in my journey that I have struggled to recognize myself or my life and tried to recover pieces of the woman I had somehow lost along the way. My life’s path certainly took many different turns that were not a part of my plan nor did it match what I had once envisioned my life to be.

I have learned over the years that life does not always work out the way we want it to. Sometimes it is due to things that are out of our control and sometimes it is due to personal choices that we make. Yes, life is filled with challenges, change and barriers.  Sometimes our dreams get put on hold and sometimes it can feel like the world is against us and regardless of how hard we might try, it feels impossible to succeed or to make our dreams come true. But….the movie “Joy” reminded me of what I have always tried to live by and to believe. The movie reminded me that despite the difficulties we must all sometimes face, there is always hope. It reminded me of the importance of believing in  yourself and believing in your dreams. “Joy” reminded me of the power of never quitting and never giving up.

Joy faced many challenges and things were not easy yet she refused to quit and she refused to let go of her dreams or creating a better life for herself and her family. Yes, life can be hard but even in the middle of those storms that sometimes come our way, there is often light within the storm clouds and there are things to be grateful for and many good things that bless our lives.


So if you find yourself in a place of despair or if you have lost your way in life or have let go of your dreams, I would encourage you to dig deep and find your inner courage and strength. It is there. You have the power to change course, live true to who you are and to once again pursue your dreams. Don’t give up. Don’t quit and most of all BELIEVE. Joy did not allow life to stand in her way and she did not let go of her dreams. You have more power than you could ever imagine. In the spirit of “Joy” and in this holiday season, my hope and prayer for each of you is that you find your own personal JOY, live your best life and make your dreams come true.



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