When Nothing Makes Sense

There will be times in life that the journey we are on is hard to understand and while we seek answers to the difficult things that cross our paths the answers do not always come – it is during those times that love, hope and faith are the only things we can hold onto and in the end the belief that one day the wisdom in our wounds will appear, peace will blanket our hearts, and the journey will somehow make sense. FAITH. HOPE. PEACE. LOVE.”   Michele DeVille

It is impossible to completely know or understand what another is going through at any given moment but what I do know as I sit down to write is that we all must walk this journey and at some point that journey can be so incredibly hard. Life is sometimes unfair and without warning everything we have known or come to rely on can come crashing down leaving us broken and struggling to pick up the pieces of what once was.

When things fall apart or tragedy strikes we are left with questions and trying to understand the why. We yearn to make sense out of our loss and pain but sadly it is rare that the answers are clear. So the burning question is, how do we continue to fight when wounded and more importantly how do we learn to survive regardless of what happens in our lives? One would think that it is easiest to give up or give in when things get hard but I have seen countless examples of people finding strength and an unstoppable resilience to survive. The human spirit is relentless and while things do not necessarily make sense at the time, people somehow find the courage to keep fighting to live life with a sense of purpose and to once again find their joy.

We are born to survive and regardless of how difficult it might be to “see”, there is wisdom hidden in our wounds. We sometimes have to be patient in our search but with an open heart and with time, wisdom often appears. We need each other in times of tragedy and loss and we need to unite standing together offering love, comfort and compassion. It is through the difficult times that we finally begin to understand what is important and what compassion truly means. It is sometimes because of the darkness that we appreciate the light and no longer take it or so many other things in our life for granted. That in itself is a gift.

Believe me when I say there is no intent to ever minimize how difficult life can be. I know this story all too well. There are no easy answers when things get tough but what I have learned is that what all of us need is hope, faith and love. Without those things it is a much more difficult fight. I don’t pretend to know or understand what any one person is battling today but my wish for you is that you can find a little bit of peace knowing that you are loved and holding on to the hope and faith that one day there will be the answers you so desperately seek and that in the end you will be okay. Blessings.

In Peace-



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