A Little Bit of Kindness Goes a Long Way……

For the first time in a very long time I woke up on Christmas Eve morning feeling well rested, pretty organized and at peace. For some reason, I was able to get a lot of the Christmas shopping and decorating done earlier than usual but most importantly I made a conscious effort to remain calm, truly try to enjoy the season, to focus on what matters the most and to LET GO. 

Christmas and the holiday season has always been one of my favorite times of the year but in recent years I found myself stressed, rushed and in typical fashion worrying and trying to please everyone. The result? Taking it personally if someone was unhappy. A friend of mine reminded me that it is not my job to keep everyone happy and that happiness and attitude is a personal choice. Whew…what a relief to wake up this morning without the weight of that extra worry and while I still want more than anything for others to be happy, I know in my heart I cannot carry that on my shoulders anymore.

With that being said and as Christmas music is playing in the background, I find myself wanting so much for others to enjoy the holiday season and to find a sense of peace and joy in their hearts. I know that the holidays can be incredibly difficult for many people. The holidays can be incredibly stressful and yes, sometimes very lonely. It is a time that can highlight all that we have lost, the grief still felt from those that are no longer with us, change, traditions that are no longer a part of our lives, being alone, no job or home, no money, old grudges and the list could go on. It can be a really sad time leaving people feeling alone and filled with dread.

My hope is that each and every one of us can find happiness today and to truly remember what the holiday season is meant to be. Yes, there are gifts, baking cookies, singing carols and enjoying family and friends but for me, what is the most important is kindness. Christmas is about loving others, forgiving others, sharing what we have, giving and just being kind. It is amazing what a little bit of kindness can do and it does not have to cost anything.

So as you celebrate this blessed holiday season please remember all of those who are less fortunate, alone or struggling. Take a moment to do something kind for another. Remember that we have no idea what others are going through and that something as simple as a smile can make a difference in someones day. Pay it forward. Share a hug. Say I love you. Say hello. Forgive. Volunteer. Donate. Visit a nursing home. Sponsor a family. Spare a few seconds of your time to just talk to someone or listen. Buy someone a hot meal or cup of coffee. Give. Just be kind. That is the best any of us can do and while happiness is a personal choice and we have to let some things go, it is so important to be kind to each other.

Wishing ALL of you a very blessed and happy holiday season filled with much love, joy, peace and happiness. I hope that you are able to find peace today and that kindness will bless you as well.



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